Anchor Points: Building a Defense from the Ground Up

The 5th book from MatchQuarters is out now!

Synopsis: In the latest book from MatchQuarters, Anchor Points creates a starting place to hybridize a defense for the modern coach. Starting with a brief history lesson, Cody Alexander takes the reader through the development of the modern offense, giving insight as to why defenses must be multiple yet simple in their design. Using best practices from the top minds in football, Anchor Points gives any coach a foundational knowledge of the basic schemes seen in the modern game. From the Over Front to exotic 3rd Down packages, Coach A. takes you through each one explaining their HOW and WHY.

Never has there been a time in football where defenses have been challenged than they are right now. The book covers everything from how to hybridize your fronts to creating a 3rd Down blitz package regardless of front base structure.

Learn how to develop multiple “defensive formations” while keeping the pedagogy simple and concise. As with all MatchQuarters content, each topic covered carries an explanation on how to implement the scheme and what to expect from the offense. Have a plan and execute! Come learn the art of X.

What’s in it?

1) Everything Starts Up Front - Understand why the modern defense needs to have a hybrid front & understand how to build one.

2) Evolution of the Spread Pt. 1 - We take a look at how we got here, especially the 2018 season that changed football forever.

3) The Second Wave - A brief history lesson on how the Air Raid and Spread came to dominate the college game in the.

4) The Future is Now - How did LSU and before them Oklahoma break football? We discuss this and the Spread’s knockout punch in the NFL.

Like Hybrids, in order to look forward, we must look back. Understanding how we got to this point in time is important, especially after this years National Championship where spot drop Cover 3 was destroyed by the forward thinking Alabama offense.

5) Frankenstein - We discuss why a modern defense needs to be built from best practice schemes and techniques from all over the football map. You can’t be just one thing in today’s game. Let’s build a MONSTER!

6) Over/Under Fronts - The oldest fronts in football. Each chapter will explain the basics behind each front and how to hybridize. Plus, how offenses attack it and why. Variations like Jet, Split (two 2s), Tilt, and more are discussed.

7) Tite/Mint Fronts - Maybe the most popular front structure in today’s game is discussed in detail. MQ even explains how the Tite Front and Mint packages are different. If looking to understand more about these two packages, this chapter has what you need.

8) The Odd Front - The 505 isn’t just for 3rd Down. Most 3-High systems base from this structure versus two-back. This chapter explains why teams like the Odd over the Tite Front in certain situations. The 3-High fit structure is detailed in this chapter.

9) Run Fits - In this chapter, we take a look at how each of the fronts discussed fit the most popular runs in the game, from Power to Split Zone. Depending on the front, different fit preferences like Box, Spill, and Lever-Spill-Lever are discussed.

10) 3rd Down - Probably one of my favorite chapters I have ever written. We go into detail on how to plan and create pressures for 3rd Down. Blitz design, best practice paths, and how to build a pressure naming system are discussed. This chapter alone is worth the price!

11) Attacking Pass Protections & Best Practice Pressure Patterns - Blitzes are fun, but knowing how to use them is more rewarding. In this chapter, we discuss the basics of pass pro and how to attack each. This is an extension of the previous chapter where we put the theory to practice. Have a plan and execute!

I want to thank all of you who read this and purchase a book. It is an honor for you to read my work. Football is my passion and being able to pay it forward and help coaches all across the world is amazing. The book is filled with diagrams and discusses best practices from elite coaches and what I’ve learned through my own coaching journey. The hope is that this book helps you streamline your defense, give you ideas, and win you some games. Enjoy!

Also, I really do appreciate all of you. As always, let me know what you think and hit me up with questions!

To purchase Anchor Points, click HERE! Kindle version will be out Friday.

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