MQ Reading List - August '20

Here's what you need to be reading...

Every month I will bring you interesting articles or books that I read. The goal is to give you resources outside of football to change the way you might think about coaching or relating to your players.

Gary Kubiak Helped Shape the Modern NFL. Now, He’s Stepping Back Into It.

Coming from a job as a Division II offensive coordinator, I realized just how little I knew about football,” LaFleur says. “The attention to detail [Kyle and Gary] give on every play, and how every player is tied into each play—it’s really that mentality, that it takes all 11 to allow an offense to function at its highest level.”

How Chess is changing how elite QB’s play:

Makowsky told Watson, “When I’m playing, I try and show different things each time because eventually (the opponent) gets used to it, but then what happens when all of a sudden something is different? You have to know all of the rules. That way you can break them.”

The NFL’s Cross to Bear:

“Both one- and two-high coverages have their versions of zone and man coverages, but the reason why the deep crossing routes work best against single-high defenses, whether they be zone or man, is directly correlated to the play of the safeties — 76% of all deep crossing routes are thrown against one-high defenses. That’s a hefty amount.”

Getting Home Series:

Our goal is to try to put as much stress on protection rules that teams have. And the end-all goal is to have a free runner to the quarterback.” - Martindale

In this five part series, Steven Ruiz breaks down the analytics of bring pressure in the NFL. The 1st part of the series is on the benifits of pressure, part 2 is on the Ravens (DC Martindale), 3rd covers Belichicks “0” pressures, part 4 explains simmulated pressures and “creepres,” & finally, part 5 takes a look into the future of pressures.

I love “Lucy”:

It’s a great concept in my eyes,” [Joe Brady] says, “being able to isolate your best player on a box player or even nickel in the middle of the field because it presents so many issues for the defense with the options you have on the route by the wide receiver.

Mastery, Robert Greene:

In the future, the great division will be between those who have trained themselves to handle these complexities and those who are overwhelmed by them -- those who can acquire skills and discipline their minds and those who are irrevocably distracted by all the media around them and can enver focus enough to learn.”

**Disclaimer: This book is long, BUT there are a ton of useful stories and applications to coaching & life.**

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