MQ's Reading List - Aug. '21

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Best Story Wins

Great ideas explained poorly can go nowhere while old or wrong ideas told compellingly can ignite a revolution. Morgan Freeman can narrate a grocery list and bring people to tears…”

The #1 block to teamwork is defensiveness. Here’s how to defuse it

Any time you’re getting defensive, you’re getting less effective. When you get defensive, your thinking becomes rigid and you simply become stupid.”

Deep Survival (Book)

“...there is a dark & twisty road from experience & perception to correct action.”

When Everyone Is Headed In The Same Direction, Look The Other Way

“…we tend to converge on an ‘optimal’ way of doing things, at least for the moment. There’s a downside to playing that game, though: you have to do the same thing better than everyone else at the same thing they are doing.”

Yes, good leaders are authentic leaders — but here’s what that actually means

What’s tricky about… transition points is not that the new skills are hard to learn, it’s that the old ones have become… our identity. As a result, not sticking with them feels like we’re somehow being inauthentic and so we do — and we get stuck.”

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