MQ's Reading List - Nov. '20

Here's what you need to be reading...

Every month I will bring you interesting articles or books that I read. The goal is to give you resources outside of football to change the way you might think about coaching or relating to your players.

Why I turned my back on coaching:

“I was an elite level strength coach. I went all over the world. I worked at the highest level of my sport. I got paid more in a month than I once did in a year. I got the respect of my peers and the standing within the field that I craved. It meant everything to me, until it didn’t. Then I walked away.”

Coaching language that taps into players “perceptions:

“…some coaches plan pre-determined points and follow what’s on their session plan, instead of coaching what they actually see and taking into consideration what is relevant and important now and what can be left for another day."

Why We're Doomed: Our Delusional Faith in Incremental Change

“…radical adaptation is never absolutely necessary in human organizations and conventional thinking until it's too late--and even then, the leadership and conventional thinking will fatalistically accept oblivion rather than opt for a risky strategy of testing every mutation and fast-tracking whatever has promise, even though the odds of failure are high since 1) the challenge is novel and therefore unpredictable and 2) most mutations will fail to provide the radical advantages needed to meet the challenge.”

Saying “No”

“…the main goal is to be successful, and if the cultural conditions don’t allow success, then what good is having the job?

The most and least predictable NFL defenses in pass coverage in 2020:

Hence, predictability matters in pass defense… it can enhance a team’s ability to limit offensive efficiency in the passing game, especially when talent is there. And a lack of being unpredictable can further tank a defense without the requisite talent to succeed.”