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The Pygmalion Effect

The Pygmalion effect happens because as social creatures, we are influenced by our own and other’s expectations. If we expect success from an individual, we are likely to give them greater support in order to help them achieve that success. Similarly, if we believe someone has high expectations of us, we will work harder to meet those expectations.”

How to Think

“…people do not multitask effectively. And here’s the really surprising finding: the more people multitask, the worse they are, not just at other mental abilities, but at multitasking itself.”

A Guide to Psychological Safety

It’s more important to give honest, constructive feedback. To have tough conversations. To acknowledge problems in order to solve them.”

Good Vibes Are Contagious

This science all points toward the same basic truth: we are mirrors reflecting onto each other. The people we surround ourselves with shape us, and we shape those around us, too. The implications of this truth are important and actionable.”

3 Lessons From Coach John Thompson

There’s a difference between communicating with a person and motivating a person. Communication is when someone understands what you are saying. Motivation is when they act on it.”

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